ORIGINALSINO Digital position displays from 1 to 4 axes

(German version!)
Digital display and scale as well as magnetic tape system for subsequent installation and retrofitting on machine tools.
We also offer complete sets of the SINO digital readouts for your lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, eroding machines, drilling machines.
SINO is THE premium provider on the market for professional digital displays for industry and trade.
The SINO digital displays offer a wide range of functions and are built for industrial use under workshop conditions. In cramped installation conditions, e.g. on very small machines or for very long measuring lengths of up to 30 m, magnetic tapes with reading heads/sensors can be used as an alternative to the glass scales, also in combination with glass scales on individual axes.

For professional use, we recommend our SINO position indicators and glass scales for retrofitting or as a replacement for defective display systems (e.g. EAE Mikronel 320Simply choose the right digital display for your machine tool from our SINO SDS series.

The highest quality and operational reliability of the position indicators for lathes and milling machines are guaranteed. Technological advances in SINO’s measurement and control systems on machine tools guarantee excellent results on these machines, improving their accuracy, increasing productivity, optimizing the quality of each machining operation on the lathe and minimizing the risk of costly human error.

Model overview

Basically, you have the choice between various display devices from 1 to 4 axes for retrofitting your lathe, milling machine and grinding machine. These are available with a connection option to your PC or conventionally without data storage on your PC, with 1 or 2 switch-off points and the option of calculating Z0 with Z in lathe mode. All SINO digital displays can be used with the glass scales of the KA200, KA 300, KA500 and KA 600 series and the SINO magnetic tape system