STRANDSlong-lasting gear column drills for industry

Premium quality MADE IN SWEDEN
particularly quiet gear operation
highest lifespan
automatic tool ejection
Right/left rotation as standard
electromagnetic quill feed
including automatic thread cutting

The design of the gearbox corresponds to our proven technology for maximum torque.

The combination of steel and fiber gears results in stronger gears with high efficiency, longer life, low noise levels and a virtually maintenance-free gearbox.

OVER 100 years of experience and tradition

You can rely on our machines
We have been supplying column drilling machines to industry for over 100 years. Quality is our most important motto and the machines that leave our production facility in Rosenfors today are of the highest quality. Our customers know they can rely on our machines and that is why we have a high percentage of repeat customersOnce you get used to the high quality, you won't want anything else – quality pays off in the long run!

Strands – reliable drills

A drill is a precision machine that you have to be able to rely on in every situation. Investing in quality pays off in the long run and our Strands machines are of the highest Swedish quality down to the smallest components. Strand drills are made in Rosenfors and couldn't be more Swedish – real quality from the heart of Småland.

drill head
The drill head can be swiveled 360° around the column and is height-adjustable.
The transmission is with our traditional and tested technology for the highest possible
torque built. Helical gears in combination