SINO SDS6-3V 3-axis position indicator

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Version 2020 : ORIGINAL Sino- produced exclusively for the European market.
Only ORIGINAL with the SINO authenticity hologram .
Use : Use on drilling, milling, turning and grinding machines.

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ORIGINAL 2020 SINO SDS6-3V 3-axis position indicator for lathes, milling machines, drilling machines for use with our optical measuring sensors, glass scales and SINO magnetic measuring systems.

Version: Exclusive German version 2020 with many additional functions
Signal processing: EIA-422A
Adjustable resolutions: 0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2/5/10 my

area of application

For retrofitting manual conventional machine tools. The universal SINO 3-axis position indicator SDS6-3V can be retrofitted to milling machines and lathes.


Produced exclusively for the German/European market with special functions, high-quality chipsets and components for long-lasting production use. Higher accuracy class for industrial use. Only genuine with the original security hologram.

Technical details

Large 8-digit LED color display
Max. reading speed: 120 m/min
Chipset: 16-bit CPLD, 16-bit CPU or 32-bit CPU
Connection value 80 to 260 volts, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 25VA
Working temperature 0 to 45 degrees
Signal processing = EIA-422A linedriver
Adjustable resolutions: 0.1/0.2/0.5/1/2/5/10 my
Maximum input frequency 5 MHz for lossless signal transmission
stable complete metal housing
Size: 298 x 192 x 90 mm
Weight: approx. 3.2 kg

Scope of functions of the SINO SDS6-3V

Full calculator functionality allows for trigonometric calculations.
Simple selection of the function type milling machine, lathe.
Axis zeroing by hotkeys for each axis
Switchable value display Metric / Inch
Direct input of coordinates for each axis
Coordinate display optionally ABS/ INC
Halving of the values optionally radius/diameter display possible.
Doubling of diameter display values in lathe mode
pocket milling function

200 storage locations for tool storage/workpiece reference point

When using multiple tools, each tool has a different reference point. This one will
saved and can be retrieved when changing tools.

Workpiece rounding, internal and external processing of curves

Can be used to fillet simple corners or two straight lines that are at an angle.

tool radius compensation

The tool diameter is entered into the tool memory. During the milling process, depending on the processing direction, the
Tool radius added or subtracted.

Center determination/workpiece centering by halving the values

After touching two points on the workpiece with a tool or edge finder, the display can determine the workpiece center with a simple push of a button.

Calculate positions for drilling patterns

-Linear hole line function
Calculates and stores the positions of the holes along a straight line at any angle and guides the operator to perform the machining.
– Hole circle machining/hole circle function
The display automatically calculates the positions of the holes after entering the displayed data

Angle compensation when turning tapers

The SINO position indicator calculates the angle of a cone by entering two points on the workpiece.

error compensation

Linear error compensation with measurement protocol of our SINO scales guarantees highest precision over the measuring range.
Non-linear segmented error compensation (40 points) with measurement protocol of our SINO scales can compensate for machine errors.

Special digital filter function when used for grinding machines

This prevents possible flickering of the last digit, which can sometimes occur due to the natural frequency of a grinding machine.

Storage/memory and snooze function

If the display is switched off completely or there is a power failure, the last displayed route is saved and displayed again after switching on
“snooze function”,
If you inadvertently proceed with the machine switched off, these values will still be used

Special functions of the original SINO SDS6-3V in lathe mode:

Z axis coupling
Two axes can be coupled with each other.
Their combined movement is shown on the Z-axis display, a “true” third display segment in lathe mode.
The first segment shows X, the second segment Z and Zo added together (or alternatively Z alone) and in the third segment Zo alone.

Z and Zo are offset against each other and this is correct as long as the top slide is exactly parallel to Z. However, if the top slide is adjusted, the displayed value is no longer correct, since the 10 mm traveled in Zo are no longer 10 mm in Z. X also changes. With our display, you simply enter the degrees of your top slide and the correct value for Z and also for X is then automatically determined and calculated.
This function is only available for our ORIGINAL SINO SDS6-3V displays, which are only produced for the demanding European market.

All our SINO digital position indicators of the SDS6 and SDS3 series are also available with an external RS232 interface.

Advantages of SINO digital position displays

Optimally legible, alphanumeric display
clearly arranged keyboard
ergonomic push buttons
splash-proof front panel
Maximum precision and production reliability
More precise work and repeatability
Almost no scrap rate
Ease of use, save time, increase productivity
State-of-the-art electronics with the latest chipset 16-bit CPLD / 16-bit CPU /
Virtually lossless signal processing with EIA422ALinedriver
Compact, robust cast aluminum housing
With swivel arm bracket for machine or wall mounting
Special special functions only with our original SINO position displays
CE compliant, DIN ISO 9001

Certificate of Accuracy

SINO displacement encoders are subjected to an accuracy check after production. This is done on a computer-controlled measuring bench with a LASER interferometer in it
a climate chamber at a temperature of 20ºC (68°F). This guarantees the highest precision and quality of your measurement results. The original measurement report is included with the scales.

scope of delivery

1 x position indicator SDS6-3V incl. connection cable
1 x swivel arm of your choice (bent/straight) incl. fasteners
1 x German user manual
1 * Connection Cable
1 * Cable Clips
1 x Tool Tray

SINO digital position indicators model overview

Basically, you have the choice between various display devices from 1 to 4 axes for retrofitting your lathe, milling machine and grinding machine. These are available with a connection option to your PC or conventionally without data storage on your PC, with 1 or 2 switch-off points and the option of calculating Z0 with Z in lathe mode. All SINO digital displays can be combined with the glass scales of the KA200, KA 300, KA500 and KA 600 series and the SINO magnetic tape system.

The 1-axis display can be used for grinding machines, boring machines, saws, with 1 or 2 switch-off points.
The 2-axis display can be used for drilling, milling, turning and grinding machines.
The 3-axis display can be used for milling and turning machines.
The 4-axis display can be used for combined drilling/milling machines, with/without TFT display, with automatic calculation of Z and Z0

SDS3-1V SINO digital display for 1 axis
SDS3-1E SINO digital display for 1 axis with 1 switch-off point
SDS3-1EA+EB SINO digital display for 1 axis with 2 switch-off points
SDS3-1C SINO digital display for 1 axis with min/max display
SDS3-1VF SINO digital display for 1 axis with external output
SDS5-4V SINO digital display for 4 axes with TFT screen
SDS6-2V SINO digital display for 2 axes
SDS6-2VF SINO digital display for 2 axes with external output
SDS6-3V SINO digital display for 3 axes
SDS6-3VE SINO digital display for 3 axes with 1 switch-off point
SDS6-3VF SINO digital display for 3 axes with external output
SDS6-4V SINO digital display for 4 axes with autom. Calculation of the Z-axes
SDS6-4VF SINO digital display for 4 axes with external output
SDS6-3VABM SINO digital display for 3 axes for add-on vernier calipers

When ordering a SINO display, a mounting kit is always included. (Holding arm and mounting parts for the scales). Choose the right support arm for your machine. (Turning arm straight/ milling arm angled). Optional: stand + standing rack, stable housing CASE incl. holding arm. Our office staff will be happy to help you with words and deeds on Tel.: +49.9131.9353775.

Scope of delivery:
1 x position indicator SDS6-3V
1 x swivel arm of your choice turning or milling
1 x set of standard attachments
1 * Connection Cable
1 * Protective Case
1 x Tool Tray
1 * Instruction

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SINO SDS5-4V Achsen Digitalanzeige für werkzeugmaschinen
Koordinatentische demanders
sino SDS6-4V
STrands Bohrmaschine S-25

Additional information

Weight 4,5 kg

3 axis, 3 axis


aluminum, aluminum


SINO digital readout, SINO digital readout


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