Scale Sino KA600-2000mm

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SINO scale for high-precision measurement and electronic detection of axis positions of a tool/machine or a tool.Measurement length: in mmAssembly length: measurement length +150 mmBar length: measurement length +170 mmHollow profile: 30 x 45 mmInstallation height: 71 mm

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Advantages of the glass scales KA600 series:

-Measuring head for incremental displacement measurement
-Precision position
-Signal output EIA 422A for perfect signal transmission
-Protection class IP 55, protected against dust and water jets
-Closed, robust measuring system with impact-resistant hollow profile and special sealing lips against chips and liquids
-Suitable for the toughest operating conditions
-Resolution: 0.001mm
-Also available in mm resolution. Just ask us.

Technical specifications:
Measuring length: 2000 mm
Mounting length: 2150 mm
Rod Length: 2170mm
Hollow profile: 30 x 45 mm
Installation height: 71 mm
Accuracy class: 4 or better
Degree of protection: IP55
max. travel speed: 120 m/min
Signal: EIA-422A

CNC Kühlmittelduesen Gesamtkatalog
SINO SDS5-4V Achsen Digitalanzeige für werkzeugmaschinen
Koordinatentische demanders
sino SDS6-4V
STrands Bohrmaschine S-25

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KA600 (30x43mm), KA600 (30x43mm)


1501-3000mm, 1501-3000mm


aluminum glass, aluminum glass


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