Scale Sino KA300-220mm

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Measuring length: in mmAssembly length: measuring length + 90 mmBar length: measuring length + 106 mmHollow profile: 25 x 34.5 mmInstallation height: 62.5 mm

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SINO KA-300 SERIES (25×34.5 mm) Measuring lengths 70 – 1020 mm Precision glass scale KA-300 SINO | 0.001 mm resolution as standard For a resolution of 0.005 mm, please inquire separately. Measuring head for incremental displacement measurement Precision bearing EIA 422A Lindedriver signal output for perfect signal transmission Protection class IP 55, protected against dust and water jets Closed glass measuring system with impact-resistant hollow profile Sealing lips against chips and liquids Accuracy (20 °C): ± 0.001 mm Max. speed: 120 m/ min Working voltage: 5 V ± 5% Current: 80 mA Working temperature: 0 – 45 °C Protection class: IP 55 Pin connector type: SUB-D Hollow profile: 25×34.5 mm Installation height: 62.5 mm Scope of delivery: For lengths up to 970mm there is a so-called full cover included. Complete with an attachment rail and protective cover as well as mounting hardware, cable clamps, cable ties and all screws. (Standard cable length is 3 meters – with KA200 2 meters). Extension cord available as an accessory. Degree of protection: According to IP55 Protection against dust and liquids is specified with an IP protection factor. The higher the numbers, the better the protection. With IP55, Sino scales are 1 and usually even 2 classes better than other glass scales. Due to the better protection, the scales will cause fewer incorrect measurements due to dirt in the long run. Lengths are available from 30mm to 3,000mm. Resolution of the scales is 0.001 mm.

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SINO SDS5-4V Achsen Digitalanzeige für werkzeugmaschinen
Koordinatentische demanders
sino SDS6-4V
STrands Bohrmaschine S-25

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KA300 (25×34.5mm), KA300 (25×34.5mm)


0- 500mm, 0- 500mm


aluminum glass, aluminum glass


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