MOTOM BSM 25 drill grinding machine

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Motom drill grinding machine from 8- 25 mm

Grinding range 8- 25 mm
Point angle 90-140°
CBN disc K200
Motor230V, RPM 3280

Precision in no time – The MOTOM PRINCIPLE
Developed and produced in the usual best MOTOM quality
Exceptional precision for your twist drills

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The MOTOM drill grinding machines are the best in their class from 2 to 34mm.

Sharpen drill bits in no time
Best results for all twist drills, NC center drills, etc.
MOTOM impresses with the high quality standards and longevity of the products.
A new dimension in drill grinding for industry.

Grinding range 8 – 22/25 mm (extendable to 25 mm with special collet set)

Technical specifications:

Drill diameter 8 -22/ 25 mm
Collets ER 32 / 15 pieces incl.
Point angle 90° – 140°
motor 230V; 0.3KW
Speed 3,280 rpm
Adjustable thinning device
Clearance angle given by machine
Grinding wheel 0CBN 22 incl.
Weight 19.5kg

Scope of delivery :
Collet ER 32 D = 8 to 22 mm, 1mm increasing (15 pieces)
Allen key
00CBN22 grinding wheel (for HSS drills)

Extra accessories :
Diamond grinding wheel 00DIA22 for solid carbide drills
Special collet set: 7 collets ER 16 D = 4 to 7 mm (0.5 mm increments) incl. collet holder for ER 16 with key and 3 collets ER 32 D = 23 to 25 mm (1 mm increments) in the box
Collet set ER 32 D = 8.5 to 21.5 mm (14 pieces)

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Koordinatentische demanders
sino SDS6-4V
STrands Bohrmaschine S-25


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