Coolant Nozzle 1/16 NPT/BSPT 2.2mm Nozzle 12.7mm Tube 5pcs

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Coolant Nozzle Turret Jet Thread 1/16 NPT/BSPT, 2.2mm Nozzle, 12.7mm Coolant Tube.

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QPM Canada – world market leader for coolant nozzles for all CNC machines TURRET JET screw-in coolant nozzle with conical self-sealing screw-in thread, adjustable ball joint and/or coolant tube NPT / BSPT up to 10 BAR. Adjustable and adjustable screw-in coolant nozzle, ball joint (patella) made of stainless steel. Easy changing of coolant nozzles, fixing nozzles in many positions, range ±35°. Coolant nozzle with external thread to screw in NPT / BSPT coolant nozzle to issue with adapter (optional extension), easy installation of the coolant nozzle. Nozzle body made of acetal (polyvinyacetate) TECHNICAL DATA: Material: Body – acetal ball + extension – stainless steel Working temperature max.: 70° C Pressure max.: 10 bar Adjustment angle: Nozzle can be tilted 70°. Converts any NPT/BSPT opening into a full-fledged coolant nozzle INSTALLATION: With TURRET JET, any simple coolant hole can be adjusted within seconds. Screw into the coolant hole, align with the Allen key or screwdriver, test and adjust if necessary, done.

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Weight 0,1 kg

threaded nozzle, threaded nozzle


1/16"NPT/BSPT, 1/16"NPT/BSPT


up to 10 bar, up to 10 bar


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